Namaste and thank you for visiting the official website of the 
Bal Sewa Griha Children's Center (BSG)!

Please take a moment to read our website to learn more about our childrenvolunteer opportunities, and what you can do to help.

Due to the devastating earthquake in Nepal
on the 25th of April, 2015
our organization's building was damaged
and cannot currently be used.

However, it can be repaired,
and the need is even greater since there are now many more children that would benefit from our services.

Please help us by donating and telling others about our organization. Thank you!

BSG is an orphanage home located in Lalitpur, Nepal. We provide food, shelter, education, healthcare, and vocational training to fifty orphaned, abandoned, or destitute children. Our services are available to both children within our residence and children who have a place to live but require direct assistance to feed, clothe, and educate themselves.

BSG is headquarted in Lalipur, Nepal.

Known for its rich culture, friendly people, and the indomitable Mount Everest, Nepal is a poor, developing country where opportunity and resources are not readily available to orphaned or destitute children. Click below to learn more about Nepal.